Terms and conditions

Ordering and Payment

To pay to EV Cloud, you register a payment card used for repetitive payments via a payment service. Your card information is stored directly at payment gateway operator, and is not available for EV Cloud. Payment occurs when the charge is complete and the price includes VAT. Additional fees from your bank may be added. Payment is distributed between EV Cloud and the station owner as specified on the receipt. If a payment does not go through, the card will be blocked for further use by EV Cloud. If this happens, re-register your card or add a new card. The charge assumes the right to invoice the amount that was not paid afterwards


To enter into an agreement with EV Cloud, you must register your telephone number with us. We store your personal information in order to provide the services you want. We store the information about the charges you have taken in order to generate receipts and reports as soon as necessary. EV Cloud is a part of the Defa Group, and our data is stored in accordance with Defa privacy policy: Defa privacy policy


We allow the customer to register an RFID chip, which can then be used as an identification to stop and start loading. The customer is then responsible for keeping the chip safe to avoid abuse. If the customer wishes to unsubscribe an RFID tag, it is easily made on the RFID-page at www.evcloud.org.

Ev Cloud is in no way responsible for any disadvantages, losses or other problems that occur if a charging station is out of service or not working as expected.